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CoAqua rum popsicles

Mojito-coconut water Popsicles There’s a reason mojitos are so popular in the summertime. Lime, mint, rum and sugar, when balanced, is a pretty perfect warm weather combination. And everyone familiar with this cocktail also knows how easily these go down…the only thing more refreshing than a mojito is ... a mojito popsicle made with CoAqua. A truly winning combination. Using CoAqua as an ingredient in summer cocktails adds a subtle creaminess and coconut flavor, and the hydrating properties don't hurt either. So without further ado. Coconut Mojito PopsiclesIngredients 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup water 3 cans CoAqua 6 sprigs of fresh mint 1/2 cup  lime juice 1/4 cup premium white rum (or more) 1 lime sliced into thin lime wheels Method Combine sugar...

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Beaches. BBQ's. Boats. Baches ...coconut water

In New Zealand, come summer ...we go to the beach. That's a true statement. A mass exodus from the major cities, everyone goes off to the coast. Well, with a coast like this one you'd be crazy not to. Many many miles of pristine beaches, inlets, waterfalls and places to discover or explore. Beaches, BBQ's. Boats. Baches. The four B's. What comes after B? Right. C and that's where we come in. Coconut water. If you can think of a more versatile drink designed for the beach we'll eat our hats. Don't know much about coconut water? Check out our FAQ's If you're looking to cover multiple bases here's six reasons why coconut water is the natural choice. Rehydration. Simple but's hot...

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