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CoAqua, Lemongrass & Rum cooler

The folks over at homestyle magazine have created this fantastic summer-time drink along with Plantation rum and of course CoAqua coconut water. Here's how you do it. INGREDIENTS 250ml CoAqua - (can or bottle)250ml ginger beer60ml Plantation 3 star white rum60ml lemongrass simple syrupIceJuice of two limesLime slice to garnish Making the simple syrup 1 cup water1 cup sugar2 stems lemongrass (sliced in half) To make the lemongrass syrup, place the water and sugar in a saucepan, stir to dissolve the sugar and put on a low heat to simmer until liquid is completely clear. Remove from the heat and add the lemongrass stems and allow to cool. Transfer to a glass jar and refrigerate overnight and let the lemongrass steep into...

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The three C's

Cold. Coconut. Coffee   Right, so it's hot outside or inside, you want coffee, you need caffeine but you don't want hot coffee on a hot day. Who does? Stop crying! The people in the 'know', (you can soon consider yourself amongst them, at least by the end of this blog post) are already hip to the deep coconut/coffee combo. OMG it's good! Here's the skinny. Make sure you have a bottle or can of CoAqua handy - (don't do this with that awful tasting tetra-pack coconut water) choose your favorite brand of cold coffee concentrate, pull some ice cubes from somewhere (no, not there) and grab a glass. You might also like a tiny little bit of orange, lemon or lime...

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How to Greet Guests at a Cocktail Party

  Cocktails are making a comeback, especially with the ladies who are opting for delicious mixed drinks to help preserve health as well as hangover.   In our cocotails series, we'll be taking you through cocktail party etiquette with tips and tricks on how to mingle like a pro. And with summer fast approaching, you'll soon be ready to throw your own cocotail soiree with confidence. Here's a simple, fruity summer cocotail recipe to get you started. The refreshing quality of the Calada Italia make it ideal to serve to guests upon arrival. Don't forget to make a connection when introducing guests - to help make conversation easy between new acquaintances. For example, "Ann, this is Jono, I believe you both graduated Harvard...

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The 'tree of life'

As long as there have been people in SE Asia there have been coconut trees, lovingly known as the ‘tree of life’, another one of nature’s truly amazing gifts. In certain regions it’s also has been called the “three generation tree” a deserved name considering a tree can produce coconuts for about 70 years. So the grandchildren are still reaping the benefits from that same tree their grandparents planted all the way back then. Refreshing and nutrient packed coconut water for drinking, coconut oil for cooking as well as skin & hair care, fronds for roofing and wood for building, it’s a one stop shop right there on the beach. The gift that keeps on giving. And what other tree...

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