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Best Coconut Watery in New Zealand

Absolutely love your CoAqua Coconut Water. It is so fresh, tasty and authentic. We have a family member with an autoimmune disorder and they have found your product to be so beneficial. Thank you,

Co-Aqua Coconut Water

This divine liquid is the business!

Best coconut water ever!!

Good product

Great product and service.

Love our new discovery of the coconut water. My husband loves it on ice

Awesome hydration

A great post-work out hydration!

Love love

I love our reoccurring CoAqua order. Easy & efficient process and the best post training beverage!

Refreshing Coco water

Need to believe No Sugar added, as quite sweet?

CoAqua Coconut Water x24



A very health and wellness product

Taste is amazing

I love it and look forward to trying some cocktails soon


I have a CoAqua order on repeat we love it so much!

CoAqua Coconut Water x24


This is the only coconut water I like. It's delicious. I use it every morning in my breakfast smoothie as well as for a social drink. Yum. I've always had excellent and prompt service from this company. Highly recommend.

Perfect coconut water on earth

We love so much, we were ordering 2 box every fortnightly or monthly for 2 years now...

Top Coconut water

Definitely the best tasting coconut water around. It’s almost hard to believe it’s 100% pure, because it tastes so good. Out of their bottle it can’t be beaten.

It probably and actually is the best Coconut water ever.

We haven’t tried all the coconut waters in the world. But we have tried many in many different places.

Nowadays, the CoAqua delivery is the most anticipated one - each month. We love it. It is an outstanding product with its uniquely superb taste. Fantastic and 11/10!

Much love from Christchurch!

Best coconut water ever

I love coconut water especially after drinking fresh coconuts daily in Vietnam and this is the best coconut water I've ever tasted.

The best tasting coconut water not in a coconut!

Definitely one of the best tasting coconut waters out there. it’s delicious.

Simply the best!

Without a doubt the best coconut water...period.

Refreshing Coconut Water

I have had CoAqua Coconut Water for 3 years now and I can honestly say CoAqua tastes much much better than the shop bought products. Totally refreshing,
My favourite drink I look forward to every morning. Bring it on

The best coconut water!

I’m from the US and was on a long holiday in NZ recently. I tried this coco water at East Street Cafe in Nelson and was blown away how delicious it tasted. I ordered a case online and had it shipped to our Airbnb. Wish you shipped to the US.

Best Coconut Water In The World!

I was introduced to CoAqua Coconut Water a number of years ago at a festival. I was a bit sceptical at first, having tried a number of other coconut waters that I actually disliked. I was sold on CoAqua after one sip! It is a beautiful smooth drink that is best served ice cold! It is great with Vodka, and is my go to hydration for all activities, I top up my drink bottle half water, half coconut water. If I'm in a hurry and don't have time to eat, I slam back a CoAqua, it keeps me going! I can't recommend it highly enough. Having tried other coconut waters in many other places I have travelled to, I reckon CoAqua is the best in the World without a doubt!! Ordering online and delivery is sweet and easy, love it!