CoAqua 250ml Bottle - 12x Single Serve, Carton

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CoAqua is pure coconut water from fresh young coconuts harvested at 6 months. This ensures our coconut water is the 'sweetest' water you'll find anywhere - the way it is supposed to be.  And we put it in glass.

Glass is endlessly recyclable. Did you know that? A bottle can literally be remade over and over and over ...pretty much forever. Our cartons are made of recycled cardboard also. We're doing our best to not add to the world's growing plastic piles. The planet's oceans and landfills could use a break.

We designed the bottle to be seen -  in your hand, on the table, on a bar, in your's part of the reason you'll find our coconut water in the world's best places.  

  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Natural electrolytes
  • Gluten free

Learn more about coconut water here.

Cartons of 12